The following features of the GMT four jaw chuck makes this chuck superior to other four jaw independent chucks available.

The chuck body is made of forged medium carbon steel. It is hardened and tempered to ensure long life and strength to the chuck body. Base jaw slots in the body are precision ground to close tolerances for obtaining a good sliding fit, ensuring a play free functioning, high load carrying capacity and maximum wear resistance.

GMT system of independent four jaw chucks has separate jaws and reversible hard jaws. This gives the flexibility to use special hard jaws to suit specific component. The hard jaws are fixed to the base jaws by tongue and tenon, so that they can grip a wide range of components, either on their OD or ID.

Base jaws are made of alloy steel and case-hardened. Itis made deeper and wider for providing large bearing areas with reduced unit bearing pressure, thereby increasing the life of the chuck. Square threads cut on the screws and on the underside of the base jaws have longer mesh with each other, which results in efficient transmission and conversion of applied torque. Screws are heat treated to prevent breakage, a common complaint in the commercial quality chucks.


GMT 4-jaw chuck is useful to grip rectangular and other non-cylindrical shapes for turning or facing. While it lacks the self-centering convenience of the the 3-jaw chuck, it has other advantages.

Features of 4-jaw chuck:



Oil Country Lathes

Oil country lathes are heavy duty lathes with a big bore main spindle. Four jaw independent jaw chuck one in front end and one in the rear end of the spindle is mounted with a suitable chuck flange. It is used for handling oil pipes for threading and casings.


GMT offers 4 Jaw Independent Chuck of sizes 630, 710, 800, 900. 1000, 1200, & 1600 mm dia. bore sizes of chuck will be as per catalogue specifications. Large bore can be offered on request. GMT also offers pneumatic front operated chuck with big bore large stroke of sizes 3B 630, 800 & 1000 mm dia. for holding long oil pipes. One chuck is mounted on the front end and one chuck is mounted on the rear side of the spindle.

3 Jaw Hydraulic Chucks


GMT has a wide range of 3 Jaw work-holding products from manual chucks to custom built chucks that can provide solutions to your work-holding problems.

3 JAW HYDRAULIC CHUCK : GMT 3 Jaw Power Operated High Speed Chucks are designed to rotate at high speeds on CNC lathes. These are available in 135mm, 165mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm, 400mm and 500mm. Soft jaws are supplied as blanks. Serration 1.5 x 60, 2.5 x 60, 3 x 60 on base jaws, hard jaws and soft jaws can be offered on request.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SPECIFICATIONS

3 JAW MANUAL CHUCK: 3 Jaw Hand Operated Chucks are available in 125mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm, 400mm, 500mm, 630mm, and 800mm diameter. Each chuck is supplied with : One set of reversible hard jaws, one set of soft jaws, one number allen wrench for jaw screws, one chuck operating key with tommy bar and one set of body clamping screws. These sturdily built chuck delivers high gripping force. The conventional bevel gear and scroll have been replaced by a worm & worm wheel to operate the jaws. The worm & wormwheel and the circular cam gives the chuck an amazingly high mechanical advantage and gripping power.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SPECIFICATIONS

CUSTOM BUILT 3 JAW CHUCKS : GMT makes custom built 3 jaw chucking system for special applications. These specially designed Power Operated Chucks have gained the trust of GMT customers due to GMT’s high technical standards. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION

Grip Down Chuck Applications


GMT Grip Down (Pull Down) Chuck is ideal for finishing operations. The radial and pull-back function of the chuck ensures:



Advantages of Lapping

Advantages of Lapping


  •  Improves surface finish by eliminating the peaks and valleys.
  • Create maximum bearing area between the mating surfaces.
  •  Improves service life of the moving parts which are subject to wear.
  • Improves geometrical and dimensional accuracies.
  •  There is absolutely no distortion in the component after lapping since no clamping devices are used.
  • Minimizes the necessity of re hardening hardened parts because of less heat generation.
  • Accessible flat surfaces of parts of any shape and size and any type of material can be lapped.
  • Simple carrier plate design is enough to accommodate the component for lapping (i.e.) complicated fixture is not required.
  • Any unskilled operator can work on the machine.

Finding it difficult to machine hard to hold, non-cylindrical components?

gmt special chucksGMT offers #workholding solutions to meet your machining requirement. GMT makes custom built chucking system for special applications. These specially designed Power Operated Chucks have gained the trust of GMT customers due to GMT’s high technical standards.With modern #manufacturing facilities, GMT is able to meet & deliver special workholding for special applications.


The bench centre base is made of close grained Cast Iron, heavily ribbed and stress relieved. The checking centres consist of head stock and tail stock. Head stock spindle is made up of Nickel-Chromium Steel, case hardened and ground. Bench Centres are made up of tool steel and ground.