Grip Down Chuck Applications


GMT Grip Down (Pull Down) Chuck is ideal for finishing operations. The radial and pull-back function of the chuck ensures:



Advantages of Lapping

Advantages of Lapping


  •  Improves surface finish by eliminating the peaks and valleys.
  • Create maximum bearing area between the mating surfaces.
  •  Improves service life of the moving parts which are subject to wear.
  • Improves geometrical and dimensional accuracies.
  •  There is absolutely no distortion in the component after lapping since no clamping devices are used.
  • Minimizes the necessity of re hardening hardened parts because of less heat generation.
  • Accessible flat surfaces of parts of any shape and size and any type of material can be lapped.
  • Simple carrier plate design is enough to accommodate the component for lapping (i.e.) complicated fixture is not required.
  • Any unskilled operator can work on the machine.

Finding it difficult to machine hard to hold, non-cylindrical components?

gmt special chucksGMT offers #workholding solutions to meet your machining requirement. GMT makes custom built chucking system for special applications. These specially designed Power Operated Chucks have gained the trust of GMT customers due to GMT’s high technical standards.With modern #manufacturing facilities, GMT is able to meet & deliver special workholding for special applications.


The bench centre base is made of close grained Cast Iron, heavily ribbed and stress relieved. The checking centres consist of head stock and tail stock. Head stock spindle is made up of Nickel-Chromium Steel, case hardened and ground. Bench Centres are made up of tool steel and ground.



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CMM training programme at Chennai


CMM Training at GMT, Chennai

GMT  training programme that is tailor made for your company. Our experienced instructor will use latest equipment and software to show what your CMM can and cannot do. We offer to train you with your own parts, drawings and inspection tooling to see how usage of CMM can be optimisied.

Inspection personnel, Engineering personnel, Production personnel who would like to enter into the field of dimensional measurement and CMM programming. Open to companies and and individuals.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in the following areas:
Knowledge of Print Reading of drawings with tolerances
Knowledge of Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Knowledge of Basic Dimensional Measurement Tools
Basic knowledge of PC and Windows
So if you’re looking to train your personnel for a refresher/training course on operation of coordinate measuring machine email us at with complete details of your company and existing CMM.

Berg clamping systems SK-Steep Taper Tooling

TOOL Clamping systems and release systems

Depending on the selected clamping set type and the machine requirements complete clamping and chucking systems are available in combination with the various actuation elements.

The following chart is provided for the purpose of allocation and selection. The actuation devices are described and depicted in detail in the specific data sheets. Please contact us for more information for clamping and release systems which are not detailed.

Gripper Clamping cylinder, rotating Multi-energy supply, stationary
Spindle speed nmax. <4000 rpm <15000 rpm > 15000 rpm
Features / Type ESK OHLK OHL SEK SE
Clamping Electrical Hydraulic Hydraulic Mechanic Mechanic
Releasing Electrical Hydraulic Hydraulic Mechanic Mechanic
Spindle bearing relieved
Position control
Compressed air supply
Cooling lubricant supply
Gripper Clamping cylinder, rotating
Spindle speed nmax. > 15 000 rpm
Features / Type HDZ HLZ HLZE
Clamping Mechanic Mechanic Mechanic
Releasing Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Spindle bearing relieved
Position control Optional Optional Optional
Cooling lubricant supply Optional Optional Optional