Do you want to machine valves, bonnet, universal joints and spider?


GMT make Power Operated Power Indexing Chucks are used for machining valves, bonnet, universal joints and spider. Chuck index position: 4 x 90° , 3 x 120° , 2 x 180°. Indexing is done during the rotation of the main spindle. Clamping, Indexing, locking, and de-clamping are performed by hydraulic integral distributor. The component is clamped by moving the lower jaw through an integral cylinder. The upper jaw is stationary.

About GMT : Established in 1959, GMT has a wide range of manual chucks, CNC Lathe chucks, power chucks and special chucks. GMT also manufactures metrology equipment like Granite Surface Plates, Master Squares, Straight Edges, Bench Centres, Angle Plates and machine tools like lapping machines and belt grinders.


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