GMT make Power Operated Hollow High Speed Chucks(PHNC).


GMT Power Operated Hollow High Speed Chucks(PHNC) : are designed to rotate at high speeds on CNC lathes. The compact construction of the PHNC Power Chucks offer further advantage of less weight and low inertia which have positive influence on the dynamic effect of CNC machine spindle. These power chucks have a large through boreand are therefore suitable for bar work. The base jaws and top jaws weight are reduced in these chucks. This not only reduces the mass but also lowers the centre of gravity, which make the centrifugal losses low.

Power Operated Three Jaw Centrifugally Compensated Chuck(PHCNC)Many CNC machines work at very high speeds. An ordinary, standard power chuck will not work at these speeds because the tremendous centrifugal force generated at these speeds will tend to loosen the job. More importantly, there will be an abrupt and huge loss in the gripping force of the chuck. When there is a loss in gripping power, it will adversely affect the cutting parameters of the lathe. GMT has come up with a chuck designed to take care of the problems arising out of such heavy centrifugal losses.

About GMT : Established in 1959, GMT has a wide range of manual chucks, CNC Lathe chucks, power chucks and special chucks. GMT also manufactures metrology equipment like Granite Surface Plates, Master Squares, Straight Edges, Bench Centres, Angle Plates and machine tools like lapping machines and belt grinders.


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