GMT make Hand operated chuck.



GMT make Hand operated Chucks(HOC) 

In GMT make Hand operated Chucks(HOC) the conventional bevel gear and scroll have been replaced by a worm & worm wheel to operate the jaws. The worm & worm wheel and the circular cam gives the chuck an amazingly high mechanical advantage and gripping power .

Because of the comparatively small number of well designed parts used in the GMT make Hand operated Chucks(HOC) , frictional losses are reduced to minimum. Appropriate cam rise, combined with worm drive, ensures self locking action of the chuck over the entire clamping rangeand this guarantees the safety of the operator.

About GMT : Established in 1959, GMT has a wide range of manual chucks, CNC Lathe chucks, power chucks and special chucks. GMT also manufactures metrology equipment like Granite Surface Plates, Master Squares, Straight Edges, Bench Centres, Angle Plates and machine tools like lapping machines and belt grinders.


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