GMT make Power Operated Hand Indexing Chuck.


 The production and machining of components with intersecting axes has for a long time involved  high processing expenditure. These components were either processed on special machines, transfer lines or on conventional lathes in several chucking operations.

GMT has developed Indexing Chucks to meet the persistent problems in machining components with intersecting axes. GMT indexing chucks of different sizes are designed for machining typical parts. Universal joints fittings, pumps bodies, valve bodies etc.

GMT’s Power Operated Hand Indexing chucks are offered with index position:

1. 4 x 900

2. 3 x 1200

3. 2 x 1800

Indexing Accuracy

Roughing: Approx. 0.1mm at 100mm from indexing centre.

Finishing: 0.03 to 0.05 at 100mm from indexing centre.

The actuation of the two jaw power operated chuck jaws is effected by a pneumatic rotating cylinder, Hydraulic-rotating cylinder or by an Electro Mechanical Actuator. The component is clamped between the jaws. After the machining operation is over the index lever is lifted and component with the jaws is indexed to the next position. The index lever locks automatically. All parts are made from alloy steel hardened and ground wherever necessary.


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2 responses to “GMT make Power Operated Hand Indexing Chuck.”

  1. Jayashree Swaminathan says :

    DO you have any videos on youtube of this?

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