Chuck Lubrication: What can go wrong if ignored?

What if you don’t lubricate as per schedule and don’t use the right lubricant?

 Improper lubrication results in;

  • Loss of Gripping Force
  • Component Slippage
  • Clogging, restricting lubricant flow and Jaw Stroke
  • Corrosion  

If the chuck is not lubricated regularly, the chuck body, wedge and the sliding parts will get corroded, resulting in high friction and loss of clamping force. The curve of the clamping force of a new lathe chuck, depending on the RPM, shows as a continuous curve. An improperly lubricated lathe chuck, shows a considerably reduced clamping force and shows as a dashed curve. This result in unsafe clamping of the work piece and the chances of falling out during machining is high. To avoid this, follow the lubrication and maintenance instruction provided in the chuck instruction manual. 

 GMT recommends you to slide the master jaw through full stroke (clamping and de-clamping) to ensure uniform distribution of grease on sliding surfaces several times, without the component, after 500 jaw cycles. This helps to convey the lubricant to the sliding faces and maintain the clamping force longer.
 For lubricating the lathe chucks, GMT recommends one of the following grease:
·         OKS  265            
·         ALTEMP  QNB50
·         MOLYKOTE  TP42
 GMT chucks are equipped with several lubrication nipples for even application of grease. To ensure  even distribution of the grease inside the chuck, slide the master jaw through full stroke (clamping and de-clamping).
 Remember, in extremely contaminated environment such as machining C.I work pieces a chuck can lose clamping force. In such cases, the complete chuck has to be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. 
Chuck  with improper or no lubrication causes corrosion as shown in the photos below

Image                                           CHUCK BODY                       BODY SLOT
Image           WEDGE                                    BASE JAW

Write to us at for a free electronic copy of GMT Instruction Manual or visit our website for more information


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