GMT chucks for Oil Country Lathes

Oil Country Lathes
Oil country lathes are heavy duty lathes with a big bore main spindle.  Four jaw independent jaw chuck one in front end and one in the rear end of the spindle is mounted with a suitable chuck flange. It is used for handling oil pipes for threading and casings.

GMT offers 4 Jaw Independent Chuck of sizes 630, 710, 800, 900. 1000, 1200, & 1600 mm dia. bore sizes of chuck will be as per catalogue specifications. Large bore can be offered on request. GMT also offers pneumatic front operated chuck with big bore large stroke of sizes 3b  630, 800 & 1000 mm dia. for holding long oil pipes. One chuck is mounted on the front end and one chuck is mounted on the rear side of the spindle.



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