GMT-history-part-3-manufacture of surface plates

When PV started GMT he wanted to make Bench Lathes similar to the designs of South Bend USA. This design appealed to him and he felt it would be useful as a training lathe to train operators. He purchased 3 machines: one bench lathe and two lathes which he installed in PREWO and used for jobbing.


PV displaying GMT Cast Iron Surface Plate at an exhibition in the early 60’s

The Bench Lathe was stripped completely drawings were taken, patterns were made for Bed and castings were also made. After machining, the Bed scraping had to be done. He was looking for a Surface plate as a master for scraping. At that time Praga were the only Indian manufacturer of SurfacePlates. They were quoting long delivery. He therefore decided to look at standards for Surface Plates as per BS 817- 1957.After getting into the manufacture of Surface plate for internal use he was approached by Voltas to manufacture and supply Surface Plate to them. They will be the selling agents. PV therefore abandoned Lathe project and fully focused on Surface Plate manufacture and signed selling agreement with Voltas.

Today, GMT is the most respected brand among the surface plate manufacturers in India.


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