History of GMT -1960-70

History of GMT -1960-70

Years 60 to 70 GMT were busy in manufacture of Cast Iron Surface Plates. In 1963 we signed agreement with Berg for the manufacture of Manual Chucks. As the development of Manual Chucks were in process Surface Plates orders were coming in from Voltas. Then we received a big order (about 152 plates) for size 1500 x 1200 from HAL Nashik through Voltas. As we needed more space to produce Surface Plates we shifted to Pallikkaranai. Foundry operations were in Guindy. After executing the order for HAL Plates order in flow dropped drastically from Voltas.

Development of Power Chucks and Lapping Machines were taken up. We had become very skilled in the scraping process This was a strong base to commence SPM building activity which we took up when complete drawings were given by the buyers. Lucas TVS particularly gave us a breakthrough in the manufacture of Coil Winding Machine, Riveting Machine and Conductor Cropping Machine for automobile coils. SPM’s for Sundaram Abex for brake shoe machining, Sundaram Fasteners, Wheels India (Flash Cutting Machine) and Grindwell Norton (Grindwell Norton was on an island called Mora reached by boat. From Gateway of India) were made in early 70s.


GMT special purpose machine

This decade saw a lot of SPM’s manufactured by GMT.


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