GMT history – 1980-1990


GMT was focusing on PS model Power Chucks and 300, 400, 600 and 900 mm Lapping Machines. In the 80s and 90s GMT again built SPM and Special Power Chucks and Hydraulic Cylinders for Escorts Patiala. 1500 mm Lapping Machine was manufactured for BHEL Bhopal for lapping White Metal Bearing Pad used in Water Turbine. GMT received order from BHEL although M/S Lawrence UK was a strong contender for the order for Lapping Machine. They supplied a machine to Mitchell Bearings one of the leading manufacturer of white metal bearing in UK. Engineers in BHEL had faith in Lapping Technology of GMT and the order came to us for the machine.

High Speed Hollow chucks, Hollow High Speed Cylinders were also developed during 80s. Belt Grinders i.e.  Single, Double Ended and Platen Grinders were also developed in the 80s. Platen Grinders were developed for MICO, Bangalore with dust extraction system. When GMT supplied the first machine MICO’s planning department had some issues with the machine. After a detailed discussion we perfected the product and GMT Platen Grinders started setting standards in India.


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