History of GMT – Belt grinders – The MICO story

MICO Bangalore approached us in mid eighties and asked us to develop Platen Grinder with built in dust extraction. Belt size 1500 x 200 mm. We quoted for the machine and got the order and supplied the machine. When GMT supplied the first machine MICO’s planning department had some issues with the machine. After a detailed discussion we perfected the product and GMT Platen Grinders started setting standards in India. GMT learnt a  lot during supply of machines to MICO viz. Safety features, noise level parameters and other electrical safety etc.

Several Belt Grinders were supplied to MICO same model viz. model 05-15 and 05-16. In one location at MICO our machine was located in a section where a number of Multi Spindle Bar Auto Machines were in use. After parting the component a small projection(pip) will remain in the component. This will have to be removed. MICO were using a Second Operation Lathe where the component will be gripped in a collet chuck and the projection(pip) will be faced by a turning tool. This is a time consuming process.

One of the operators of Multi Spindle saw our Belt Grinder took the component and touched the pip of the parted component in the belt the pip was removed  no time. He mentioned it in the suggestion award scheme and won a award. As the belt width is 200mm three /four operators were able to use the machine and the second operation lathe was discarded. Belt Grinder business  continued with MICO for few more years and they stopped procuring as the processes were changed.


About the author : Shri. K Jagannathan – Executive Director – Sales & Marketing, Guindy Machine Tools Limited.
Sri.K.Jagannathan is synonymous with lathe chucks in the Indian machine tool industry. He has been with Guindy Machine Tools for over 5 decades. His vast experience and immense knowledge of workholding products is evident in some of the most complex workholding solutions provided by GMT.


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