History of GMT – Surface and Bed Plates – Part-3

Shri. K Jagannathan – Executive Director – Sales & Marketing, Guindy Machine Tools Limited.

Although our prices were high, we were securing a number of orders from Defence and Public Sector due to the ribbing design of our surface plates. The rigidity of the plate and capability to match and assemble surface plates together also worked in our favour. Notable users:

  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Center
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex

We developed Portage Layout Table for precision measurements. Bendix US were making Layout Marking Machine. Bajaj Tempo and Hindustan Motors wanted such Tables. Size of the table 4000 x 2500 mm consists of 8 nos. 1000 x 1250 mm plates matched and assembled. The table top will have precision slots 12 mm width 250 mm pitch distance on length and breadth of the table. Bendix arm will travel on the slot manually. The plate is mounted on speciall. low height CI legs so that the height of the table from floor is max. 500 mm.to be continued

About the author :
Sri.K.Jagannathan is synonymous with lathe chucks in the Indian machine tool industry. He has been with Guindy Machine Tools for over 5 decades. His vast experience and immense knowledge of workholding products is evident in some of the most complex workholding solutions provided by GMT.


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