History of GMT Surface Plates-Part 2

After GMT parted with Voltas (who were our sole dealer) we focused on business with Ordnance Factories. GMT developed good rapport with Director General Ordnance Factories. (DGOF). The sales team identified Ordnance Factories in several locations and started visiting each one. GMT‘s Sales Engineer based at Calcutta started his regular visits to DGOF and developed good rapport and collected information in regard to expansion and new investments. DGOF tendered for a big Surface Plate of size 9000 x 1200 mm. This plate was required for Ordnance Factory Ambhajari near Nagpur.(OFAJ) They were setting up a factory for manufacture of large aluminum sections used for building bridges to transport arms and ammunition across river.

DGOF floated tender and we quoted and got the order from DGOF for the first time. 3 plates 3000 x 1200 matched and assembled mounted on special MS Fabricated Stand. A highly engineered product at that time. Plates were made mounted on stand duly assembled and scraped to the required accuracy. As per order the plate has to be inspected by DGS&D inspector. The inspector visited and inspected and accepted the plate for flatness accuracy. However, he said the plate has to pass for deflection test. Indian Standard for Surface Plate did mention deflection test. PV (GMT founder) accepted inspector’s point and GMT made a Beam Comparator which is used for deflection test. This was designed and made strictly as per standard. The deflection was measured and our plate conformed to standard. PV was very impressed by the inspector of DGS&D, Mr. V. Subramaniam GMT used his services after his retirement and bought a number of standards for our library viz. IS and DIN.


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