History of GMT – Our association with M/S. Techno Valves.

This company manufacture different kinds of non ferrous valves for gas industries. They have a number of ACE CNC Lathes fitted with GMT 2 Jaw Power Chucks. Sometime in Feb 2010 our Mr. Mahendran and Mr. Karthikeyan visited them and met Mr. Rohit Behani, Exec. Mfg. & Sales, Techno Valves and created enquiry for 200 mm dia. Power Operated Power Indexing chuck suitable for ACE CNC Lathe. However, in early July 10 customer decided to order for Mazak CNC Lathe Model Quick Turn Star and asked for fresh quotation for 200 mm dia Power Operated Power Indexing chuck. Mr, Sengupta who retired from LMW as GM joined Mazak India Kolkatta interacted with GMT. Since he had several interactions with GMT during his tenure at LMW his presence at Mazak helped GMT, Techno and Mazak   to initiate and sort out several technical issues viz. dedicated Power Pack for Power Operated Power Indexing chuck, hydraulic and electrical. circuit and logic write up ( Interfacing for indexing chuck). The details were sent to Mazak Singapore. Order for 2B 200 Power Operated Power Indexing chuck complete package including Power Pack and all accessories including special jaws was placed upon us on 17th Aug. 10.

On receipt of the order further finalization of jaw design took place. We had difficulty in one particular component for offering special jaws. We overcame the difficulty and offered modified jaw design. Received Spindle details and the Chuck with accessories were manufactured. Component trials were done on our LMW Rigi 25 CNC Lathe. The chuck with accessories were dispatched on 20th Feb. 10.

The Mazak Machine was installed in the new factory of Techno Valves and our team visited on 20th Apr. 10 to commission the chuck. The chuck successfully commissioned with electrical interface with the Mazak Engineer and our Mr. Kandan. Final trials were taken and obtained report from Techno valves that the chuck is working satisfactorily.


Sri K.Jagannathan

About the author : Shri. K Jagannathan – Executive Director – Sales & Marketing, GMT.
Sri.K.Jagannathan is synonymous with lathe chucks in the Indian machine tool industry. He has been with Guindy Machine Tools for over 5 decades. His vast experience and immense knowledge of workholding products is evident in some of the most complex workholding solutions provided by GMT.  


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